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About shaylovell

If you are here, one can only assume you have come for an eclectic flavour that lays inside my mind and body.

I welcome you to some deep connection filled with awkward ear kisses and giggly stares.

Delve in relentless affection and amorous touches. Something meaningful and mutual is to be expected. I see you there. Looking and pondering what we can get into. Let's create something wonderful. I'm a human person with a womanly body just looking to share your thoughts, dreams and fantasies

Our endeavor holds no bounds when the chemistry is involved.

I am a truly genuine being. Honest, with a touch of soft awkwardness to sustain you in between your rapid heartbeat. I'll even let you get weird as long as I can join in.

Nervous? It's okay. I am too. I have the means to keep you at ease. Let's keep a slow pace if you need. Chemistry and soft scent ease our minds into the storm, that is passion.

I'm just a woman looking to have a spectacular memory/ies with you. Won't you join me?

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