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Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 05
Kidnapped slave girl signs a contract that she thinks makes her legally owned by her Master. Her owner pierces her tender flesh in multiple places with sturdy rings and makes use of her anal passage for the first time.
Chapter Nine: The Contract and Adornments.

The relief that I felt from finally having an orgasm was short-lived as it wasn't long before the regular masturbation and edging sessions had brought me back into a pink cloud of desperate arousal. Even as Master allowed me to experience more and more climaxes, it was never enough to fully satisfy the constant craving and desperate need that my willowy body cried out for.

It didn't take long for me to figure out that the only time he allowed me to cum was when he was enjoying the flavors of my love tunnel with his mouth. It was clear that during oral sex he wanted to pleasure me and see my little body overwhelmed with desire, but other times when he stuck his cock in my whore hole it was more that he was simply using me as an object, like a flesh-light, without any concern or care for my own gratification.

A new rule had been introduced since that first time in which Master pleasured my sex. "The Cunt will taste itself whenever it masturbates." My tongue was still coated with the flavors of my cock socket from the edging session that I just completed moments before and the juices still dripped off my labium in long clear streams forming a puddle on the cold cement floor as I knelt obediently with my thighs spread wide and my hands squeezing both of my udders hard. Images of leashed lesbians and punished pussies danced in my head as I patiently awaited the return of my Master.

When he finally did arrive it was with a neat stack of paper about which he seemed quite excited. "What I have in my hands is a binding legal contract that will make you my property until I choose to sell or release you."

He held it in front of my face and my eyes tried to focus on the words but my head was spinning after the first sentence which read "This contract is between Arnold Pierce, hereinafter referred to as "Master" and Kristin Kailey, hereinafter referred to as "the Cunt." I saw large print subject headings that included "Grooming and Appearance," "Manner of Speech," "Piercings and Markings" and "General Usage." It even made it clear that Master had full ownership of my mind and body and could do anything he wanted with me including renting me out or selling me altogether. It seemed to be a vastly expanded version of the rules that I had stared at for months on the whiteboard and for the first time, I learned my Master's name.

He turned to the last page which had my name neatly printed along with the date and a space for my signature. "Put out your right hand," he commanded. I acquiesced without hesitation and he placed a black pen in my open palm. "You sign your name on the line." I obeyed and he reclaimed the pen with a satisfied look on his face.

If I had been an attorney or able to think straight, perhaps I would have known that such a contract couldn't possibly be enforceable in a court of law, but that simply wasn't the case. As far as I was concerned, I had just signed my life away to my Master. He now owned me completely and he was legally permitted to do all of the things that the contract stipulated. There could be no doubt now; I was his possession entirely.

He pulled out some more papers, this time a certificate with a barcode on it. It read "Slave ownership and registration certificate for 995-325-086. This is to certify that the registrant with number 995-325-086 currently known as Kristin Kailey and from this day forth known as the Cunt, is an owned slave and that the registrant's owner is declared to be Arnold Pierce." There were other words on the page along with the date I was first taken by my Master as the start date of his ownership and the current date. I couldn't believe that nearly four months had passed since I first entered Master's service. At the bottom was a barcode with my number along with a symbol for the service that issued the certificate. It looked official, so it must have been real. Between the contract and the registration there could be no doubt that I was merely a piece of owned property.

"Isn't it wonderful my little toy?" He said with a big grin. Now you're officially and legally mine. It felt good to be wanted, to be owned and to be his. If my existence was defined by his pleasure then the level of happiness that he was feeling at this moment surely made me happy as well.

Finally the last piece of paper he showed me was a change of name form to be filed with the court. It was already filled in to change my legal name from Kristin Kailey to the Cunt. Upon signing that document, I was convinced that as far as the outside world was concerned, my actual was now the Cunt. It didn't matter if he never actually tried to lodge the instrument; my mind had already accepted the change as truth.

I quickly returned my signing hand to my right tit as my Master carefully placed the documents in a neat stack to the side. The rest of the day was a blur that resembled my usual routines. Master permitted me an orgasm as he took pleasure in the flavor of my pussy lube and then used my slick whore hole for his own gratification. I recited my rules and mantras, a task that had become simple given how embedded every word had become in my brain. I enjoyed licking my food bowl clean for my Master's entertainment and I even found myself reveling in the act of peeing in front of him as it gave me a chance to further display my obedience and earn his praise. And so time went on, the fact that I was now legally his property had not changed my life in the slightest.

Two baths and several meals later I was sitting on the floor with my left hand squeezing my udder so hard I thought I would pull it off my chest while my other hand was between my legs, my slick finger was rubbing and circling the swollen clit that almost constantly felt engorged with my desire. The video that played before my eyes was one I had seen a hundred times and I had almost memorized every detail of it. The way the slave girl shifted her hips as her Master filled her anus with a huge plug, how her udders jiggled with every step as she kept up with him on a leash and the way her nipple and pussy rings gleamed in the light. She was a vision of beauty and obedience, a role model that I was meant to emulate.

I quickly reached the edge of orgasm and my masturbating hand flew up to my right udder, squeezing it hard as I tried to calm my body. I heard Master's footsteps descending the stairs, but the video was still playing so I had to continue my masturbation in accordance with the rules. As such, when he entered the room, he caught the sight of me with my legs spread wide, hands compressing my tits and my girl juice dripping copiously from my fuck tunnel. He loomed over me, staring down at my little exposed body, dominating the space between us.

"Are you having fun playing with yourself my little fuckdoll?"

I nodded quickly as my tits began to turn purple from being crushed with such intensity by my little hands. "Yes Master, the Cunt loves to play with the pussy that its Master owns. Thank you for allowing the Cunt to masturbate Master," I said as my head swam in a thick fog of arousal.

He put the box and cup of ice that he was carrying on the table in front of the whiteboard and shut off the television. "I give you permission to thank me properly. Assume the thank you position."

"Yes Master," I uttered as I released the poor tortured orbs on my chest and quickly moved on to all fours, lowering my head down and raising my ass while arching my back. I pressed my full pouty lips to the surface of the brown leather loafers he was wearing and eagerly kissed them before extending my pink tongue and licking in earnest. Lapping up in broad strokes until the entirety of his shoes were coated in my saliva.

He gave my exposed ass a hard slap and said "that'll do cunt, that'll do. Kneel position."

I heard his command and slid my willowy frame up on my knees, cupping my udders in offering to the man who owned them.

He took the box and ice filled cup, sat down in front of me and stared at my petite body as if he was evaluating me. "You are a beautiful toy, you know that right?"

"Yes Master, the Cunt thanks its Master for the compliment."

"But as attractive as your body is, it could be more beautiful. I want you to wear some jewelry for me. It would please me very much to see you decorated. You do want to please me, don't you?"

"More than anything Master. Please decorate the Cunt's body as its Master sees fit." I wasn't even thinking about what he might have meant or wanted. It didn't matter. He owned me and had the right to do anything he wanted to me.

A smile crept over his thin lips as he opened the box, revealing a number of shiny items among other things. "First we'll start with those cute little nipples of yours." He pulled out an alcohol wipe and rubbed it generously over each of my pink nipples until they were sterilized and standing at attention. Then he took an ice cube from the cup and slowly worked it over my sensitive flesh until a light numbness set in. Finally he took a needle and a cork out of the box, lined the needle up with one side of my left nipple and pushed hard, the cork catching the sharp implement as it emerged from the other side. Despite the numbing effect of the ice, I felt a sharp sting that caused me to tense my muscles as I bared the pain, but I kept from making a sound during the process. A thin trickle of blood dribbled down my udder, across my flat tummy to my belly button where the droplets combined to form a bright red pool.

Master pulled a large heavy gauge silver ring from the box and forced it through the fresh hole, locking it closed with a click. I could feel the weight of it pulling my poor tortured nipple down as it dangled from the little nub of pink tissue that it decorated. He repeated the same process with my right nipple and I gritted my teeth as I felt the sting of the needle perforate my flesh, closing my eyes until the weight and ornamentation of both nipples was equal. He wiped up the blood, carefully giving my tender nipples a gentle swab with alcohol that sent a throbbing ache through my body. Finally he sat back to admire his handiwork, lightly flicking the dangling metal finery.

"Very nice indeed; now don't those udders of yours look much better now?"

I gazed at my reflection in the mirror, admiring the thick metal loops that hung from my pink buds and glimmered in the light. "Yes Master, thank you for decorating the tits on the Cunt's chest Master."

"The fun has just begun, my toy," he said cheerily as he wiped the blood off of the needle with some alcohol. "Display pose!"

I quickly moved on to my back, grabbing my delicate ankles and pulling them up to my head while spreading them wide and lifting my rear off the floor. In the beginning I felt embarrassed to have my body so exposed and on display, but rule number three, the Cunt will always display its body without modesty, was ingrained in my being. I was now at a point in which knowing that Master could see every little inch of me was exciting. I felt tingles and arousal as he gazed upon the glistening pink flesh between my thighs.

He gripped my left inner labia and stretched it before cleaning it carefully with an alcohol wipe. I steeled myself for what I imagined would be excruciating pain and indeed I felt a sharp sting as the needle punctured my sensitive pink flesh, but the level of discomfort I was expecting never materialized. Instead I was left with a slight throbbing as he moved to pierce my left labia two more times. My Master repeated the procedure with my right labia, stretching and disinfecting it before punching through the tender tissue three times and pushing a heavy silver ring through each hole after it was created.

He dabbed his finger into my moist little hole, gathering my slick juices on the tip and moved up to my clit, rubbing and circling until it easily became swollen with desire. I licked my lips with my pink tongue, forgetting about the slight ache in my labium and nipples, the pleasure of my trim body offsetting the pain. As I neared the edge of orgasm, he backed off and smiled. "I wanted to put a ring through your clit itself, but I'm told that unless someone of particular skill does it, the risk of damaging it is too high, and I certainly have no desire to damage my property."

I nodded gratefully. My clit was the center of my world these days and the last thing I wanted was to lose the source of my physical pleasure. I felt him grasp the little fleshy hood that protected my clit when it wasn't engorged and stretch it with two fingers as he swabbed it with an alcohol wipe. "So instead I'm only going to put a ring in the hood for right now." As his words trailed off I felt a sharp sting in my clitoral hood and watched as he pulled out another heavy gauge silver ring to loop into my pink flesh. "All done for now. That wasn't so bad, was it my toy?"

"No Master, that wasn't too bad Master. Thank you for decorating the Cunt Master."

He took out a small mirror and held it up in front of my pussy so I could see what he had done to it. "You look far more beautiful this way," he stated while his thick fingers playfully flicked the ring that adorned my clit hood. As the throbbing from my sensitive tissue began to subside, the tingles in my tummy and between my legs took control of my toned little body; for I knew that my Master was right. I was far more beautiful this way.

Chapter Ten: Anal Attentions

Master took great care to wipe my piercings with alcohol every time he delivered food to me. "I don't want my toy getting infected" he would say to each time he ordered me to assume the display position before giving my nipples, labium and clit hood a good disinfecting. For the time being he was being particularly gentle with my nipples and pussy, though it was clear that such consideration would surely end as soon as the piercings were healed.

After several more meals and a few baths Master arrived and ordered me into eat position. Ordinary I would have thought it meant that it was time for a feeding, but he didn't have my dog bowl and my tummy was still full from the last meal. Instead he was carrying a plain brown paper bag and as I bent forward, raising my ass and pressing my udders down until the heavy silver rings in my nipples touched the rug; he smiled at me and said "I have a special treat for you today. My toy is getting a toy!"

As he finished his sentence, he pulled out a large metal anal plug with a long thin neck and a pink jeweled cap along with a small tube of lubricant. "Can you guess where we're going to put this?" He asked.

I wasn't a complete prude. I knew what an anal plug looked like and that thing looked like a monster. "Master is going to put it in the Cunt's ass?"

"That's right. It's time we started using all your holes. That is why you exist after all; it's why you were born. You are only a set of holes to be used aren't you?"

"Yes Master, the Cunt is just a set of holes to be used. "

"Have you ever had anything in your ass before?"

"No Master, the Cunt has never had anything in its ass before," I replied as my legs began to shake nervously at the prospect of what was to come.

"That's hard to believe," he said as he squeezed a glob of lube onto the metal and began spreading it around on the smooth surface of the plug. "I would have thought a slutty little whore like you would have been taking it up the ass from every boyfriend and one night stand you came into contact with. Are you saying I'm wrong?"

"Master is always right. The Cunt would never imply that Master could ever be anything other than perfect," I responded quickly, my heart beating loudly as I scrambled to find an answer that wouldn't contradict Master but would also not be untruthful. The nerves of having a large metal intruder shoved up my rectum had been replaced by the fear of angering my Master.

He walked around behind me and knelt down. "Raise your ass more! Pop your hips up. I want to see that ass point to the ceiling." I shifted my body in the hopes of pleasing him, moving my rear to point as high as I possibly could muster. My tummy jumped a bit as I felt his touch around my puckered hole. It was cool and slick as he rubbed lube around the entrance to my rectum, pushing his finger in to spread the goo inside me as well. Then he pumped his finger in and out several times before introducing a second finger. In and out, spreading and stretching my tight back hole. "You have an incredibly tight asshole," he observed as he continued to pump his fat digits inside me. "Maybe you haven't been taking it up the ass after all."

Once he was satisfied that my anus had stretched enough to accommodate the plug, he removed his fingers and pressed the head of the shiny metal invader against my little hole and began to push and work it inside me. I steeled myself as I felt it stretch and enter me. Master reached around and started to rub my tummy in gentle circles. "Be calm," he said reassuringly. "Don't fight it, relax your anus completely. Just let it in."

I stopped clenching and fighting and listened to my Master's voice as I tried to relax my anal muscles fully. I let him push the plug inside me, deeper and deeper it went until I heard him say "there you go, it's all in now. Look at how well you did!"

I felt a tingle of pride that my Master was pleased with me and his praise made my humiliation more bearable. I could feel the metal intruder inside me, stretching my rectum, making me feel as if I had to defecate but I knew that to be an illusion caused by the occupier that filled my anus. It was a constant discomfort and I found that when I clenched my rear, I could feel the plug within me all the more.

Master stopped rubbing my tummy and said "kneel position."

I maneuvered on to my knees, spreading my thighs and cupping my udders. The plug shifted inside me as I moved, constantly reminding me of its presence inside my body. "Don't worry about the plug coming out on its own. It's big enough that the only time that plug can come out of you is when I remove it myself. Is that understood?"

I nodded "Yes Master, only Master can remove the plug from the Cunt's ass." I was actually a little relieved to know that it wasn't going to slip out by accident because the last thing I wanted was to anger my Master inadvertently.

"I was thinking that there may be times that you want to say something or get my attention but you feel like you can't because your first rule states that the Cunt may only speak when spoken to. Is that true?"

"Yes Master. There are times the Cunt would like permission to speak but doesn't know how to get Master's attention to do so."

"I thought that might be the case. As such, I have come up with a solution for you." He pulled out two shining silver bells that rang out loudly as he shook them in his hands. "Present your udders," he commanded.

I lifted my tits even more, pushing them together as I arched my back to thrust them out further. He carefully hooked a bell on the ring embedded in my left nipple before doing the same to my right. "Now whenever you want to get my attention, all you have to do is shake your udders. Go ahead and try it."

I took my hands off my tits and twisted my little body back and forth causing the bells to swing; the ringing echoing throughout the room as I did. "You're only allowed this privilege if you use it responsibly. If I hear you constantly ringing those bells I'll have no choice but to take them away and punish you. Is that understood?"

"Yes Master, the Cunt will only jiggle its tits when it has something really important to bring to Master's attention," I replied as my hands once more cupped my udders, my fingers grazing against the metal of the shiny silver bells as I did.

Although I was grateful that I now had a way to initiate communication with my Master, it turned out that I didn't need to. I had become so used to blindly accepting his commands without thought, that there was truly nothing more that I had to add. Now whenever I moved I not only had the rattling of the chain that was always locked to my collar to keep me company but the ringing of the bells from my nipples as well.

Another couple baths had passed and Master was keeping me plugged almost all the time now. My routine changed slightly in that I used to do my business in a bucket whenever required but now I was completely dependent on my Master to pull out my plug and give me permission to go, which on a few occasions led to some extreme discomfort. After a little bit of trial and error, Master figured out that the best way to deal with the inconvenience of my biology was to give me an enema on a regular basis which not only cleaned me out completely but put me on a more predictable schedule.

There was another benefit to keeping me clean and ready to go back there as well as I was about to find out. "It's been a while since I used that wet little whore hole of yours, hasn't it?" He asked me as he pushed the nozzle and corresponding tube up my rectum to begin my regular enema.

"Yes Master. Master hasn't used the Cunt's fuck tunnel since Master decorated the Cunt's flesh with rings."

"That's right my toy, I felt it was important to give your parts a chance to heal up. It may take a bit longer but you wouldn't want to deny pleasure to me, now would you?"

"Of course not Master. The Cunt exists for Master's pleasure."

Master finished filling my bowels with water until my belly was distended and I looked like I might be pregnant. He removed the tubing and replaced my anal plug. He liked to keep the water inside of me for a few minutes before removing my plug again and allowing me to expel the water and any waste. Master rubbed my tummy with one hand while the other mindlessly squeezed and kneaded my right tit, all the while the discomfort inside of me grew as did the painful cramps that accompanied it. After what seemed like a lifetime he finally pulled my plug and gave me permission to relieve myself before replacing my plug and taking care of the bucket.

He reentered the room and pointed at the floor at his feet. "Kneel position" he commanded. I shifted from my all fours position to kneel up with my tits thrust out and properly cupped. He pulled his pants and underwear down exposing his semi rigid cock to me and for what must have been the hundredth time, I demonstrated my love for it by placing my lips upon the head and gently kissing it before my slippery pink tongue licked it in earnest, coating it with my sweet saliva. It didn't take long before his cock was completely stiff. This time however, he would deny me the gift of his seed in my mouth.

"All fours position and turn your ass to me," he said as his hand lightly stroked the slick shaft of his cock. I rapidly moved into position, moving on hands and knees and turning my body to offer my solid little ass to him. He bent down and grasped the pink jeweled cap of my plug, twisting and turning it until it came out of my rear with a pop. My anus gaped open, ready to be used.

Despite the copious amounts of saliva that I had deposited on his cock, he nevertheless did me the kindness of squirting a glob of lube into my rectum as well as adding some to his already slick cock. He lined up the head with the wide open entrance to my puckered hole and slowly pushed in until his hips slammed against the firm flesh of my rear. I had expected anal sex to be a painful, terrible thing, yet what I felt with Master was barely even uncomfortable. As it happened, not only was my ass stretched out from the constant plugging, but the plug had much greater girth and about the same length as Master's cock. As such I found myself pushing back on Master as he fucked me in my ass, trying to force his cock deeper up my colon.

He must have only been fucking my ass for a couple of minutes when he bent forward and grabbed my dangling udders and squeezed hard. I heard the familiar grunts and groans as he squirted his seed into my anus, before letting go of my tits and sliding his cock out of my back hole. Master quickly shoved my plug into my gaping rear, ensuring that his cum would be sealed inside of me until he saw fit to release it. He was panting hard, his skin was red and glistening with a layer of sweat as he stumbled awkwardly to his feet. "You may thank your Master for using you," he said to me.

"Thank you Master for using the Cunt's ass for your pleasure," I quickly responded.

He pointed at his shoes and commanded "thank you position."

I slid forward, raising my ass and lowering my tits to thank my Master with my mouth and tongue by worshipping his shoes until he ordered me to stop. He patted my head, gently stroking the long dark strands of my hair and said "you're such a good girl. I'm very pleased with you and proud to own you."

My body glowed from his praise and the tingles of knowing that I had pleased my Master flowed through my willowy body. Before ascending the stairs once more, Master ordered me into kneel position and the rest of my time before Master brought my next meal was consumed by holding my pose while repeating my mantras with the occasional masturbation and edging session each time the video came on.

Chapter Eleven: Making a More Beautiful Cunt

Master continued to use my ass regularly while my pussy rings healed, each time sealing his cum inside of me with the large metal invader that stretched my puckered little anus until he was ready to clean me out. I'd had two periods since the piercings were installed and Master was satisfied that the healing process was now complete.

I was obediently positioned in the pee pose, my thighs spread wide as I held my squat. Master had installed thin black leather belts with small silver rings on my thighs and connected taut slender chains from each of my labia rings to the rings on the corresponding band, the result of which was that my tender pink nether lips were constantly stretched and my needy pussy was pulled completely agape whenever I spread my legs. As such, I no longer had to manually hold my cock sleeve open when I was in pee position leaving my hands free to twist and pull on my nipple rings instead per my Master's command.

Master had been staring at my body in this position for at least five minutes without saying a word. It was my hope as always that I was pleasing to him and that he was enjoying the view. "It's important for you to always look your best for me. You've been doing a good job with your bathing and keeping yourself tidy, but I was thinking that it's been a long time since you wore make-up. Would you like for me to get some for you?"

I nodded and replied "Yes Master, that would be very generous of you Master. The Cunt always wants to look pleasing to its Master."

He asked me about each item I needed in order to put myself together properly and diligently created a list. Mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, nail polish, blush and more including the brand and shade. My mind was a little hazy trying to remember the details, but I did my best, feeling a little giddy that I might be able to put myself together properly for my Master's pleasure.

When he returned from the chemist sometime later and unpacked the bag filled with cosmetics, I felt like it was Christmas morning. It was the first real taste of normalcy that I had experienced since becoming the Cunt. As I gazed at the haul of beauty products, Master turned his attention to the whiteboard and added another rule for me to remember.

Rules for the Cunt

1. The Cunt will never speak unless spoken to.

2. The Cunt will obey every command from its Master without hesitation.

3. The Cunt will always display its body without modesty.

4. The Cunt will maintain its position until ordered otherwise by its Master.

5. The Cunt will always address its owner as Master and others as Sir or Ma'am.

6. The Cunt will always thank its Master.

7. The Cunt will speak completely to ensure understanding.

8. The Cunt is not a person, it is a thing that uses third person to refer to itself.

9. The Cunt will always be aroused and wet.

10. The Cunt will never orgasm without permission from its Master.

11. The Cunt will edge itself whenever commanded or when the video comes on.

12. The Cunt will taste itself whenever it masturbates.

13. The Cunt will jiggle its udders to get its Master's attention to speak.

14. The Cunt will maintain its looks and body to its Master's standard.

"Rule fourteen: you will always maintain your looks and body to my standard," he said as he stepped to the side. "Do you understand my fuck pet?"

"Yes Master. The Cunt is to make itself look as pleasing as possible for its Master." I had only used rule thirteen a couple of times since being given the gift of my bells and permission to use them to get Master's attention. Rule twelve had become a particular favorite of mine, so much so that I reveled in the flavor of my own fuck hole whenever I would masturbate, eagerly licking and slurping my girl lube soaked finger and wrapping my soft pink tongue around it to suck off all traces of my intoxicating flavor.

Overall I was happy to have my rules. They gave me structure and as long as I followed them, I knew I had a good chance of being pleasing to my Master and avoiding a painful punishment. He brought in a fresh bucket of water for me to bathe with and said "after you've cleaned yourself, I want to see you make yourself up nice and pretty for me."

"Yes Master, the Cunt will make itself beautiful for its Master."

He left me to my bath and I was extra diligent as I soaped up my lithe little frame and shaved my legs and pubic area after which I kneeled while drying with a slight shiver. Despite getting sick previously, Master still refused to allow me to have a towel to dry myself and I always found my little body trembling and covered with goosebumps until I was sufficiently void of water that I could moisturize myself. I spent a good deal of time on my hair, doing the best I could without any way to dry it except a lot of brushing.

I stared at myself in the mirror as I carefully applied black eye liner to my eyes and the thick black mascara to my lashes. The thin dark haired girl with heavy silver nipple rings and a thick metal chain running from the black shock collar to the nearby support pillar stared back at me. I finished making up my face and a few hours later my long raven hair was relatively dry. I felt proud of how I looked and it was my hope that my Master would be pleased and praise me.

I held myself in kneel pose until my Master finally came down the stairs with a shopping bag in his hand. As he saw my naked little body in the correct pose with my face and hair made up nicely, his face lit up and a wave of tingles flowed through me from his look of pleasure. "You look stunning, just absolutely stunning," he said as he lifted my chin and gazed into my crystal blue eyes. "I'm so happy to own such a beautiful animal."

Master's praise was so powerful that I thought for a moment I might actually cum just from his words. My exposed lithe frame quivered, the feelings that filled my naked little body overwhelmed me and I was in heaven. If my Master's pleasure was my pleasure then indeed I was overjoyed.

His hand left my chin and his thick fingers walked down to my slender neck where they lightly touched the collar that had become a part of my body. He grasped the chain and gave it a gentle tug, pulling me forward. "You've been wearing this chain for a long time now, haven't you?"

"Yes Master, for as long as the Cunt has been Master's property."

"What would you do if I were to remove the chain that has kept you bound to this post?"

I tiled my head quizzically. "What does Master mean?"

"I mean, would you try to escape? Would you want to leave me?"

I blinked several times, not believing what he was saying to me. I was Master's toy, his cherished animal. My entire world revolved around him. Why on Earth would he ever think that I would leave him? "Of course not Master. The Cunt only exists for its Master; the Cunt only wants to please its Master. Is its Master unhappy with the Cunt?"

He gently stroked my face with his other hand and smiled. "Not at all, it is a joy to own you. I just wanted to make sure that you will forever be my devoted pet, that's all."

As his words trailed off he removed a small key from his pocket and inserted it into the padlock that had kept the chain affixed to my collar for so many months. A twist and half a second later, the heavy silver chain fell to the floor with a noisy clatter. Master stared at me, waiting to see what I would do, how I would react. "You will carry on with your routines as before, the absence of the chain changes nothing. https://zenwriting.net/vestburst24/the-wish Is that understood?"

"Yes Master, the Cunt will continue its routines and earn Master's praise with its obedience. Thank you Master for trusting the Cunt enough to remove the chain," I said as I parted my lips and slid my soft pink tongue out of my mouth. "May the Cunt pleasure its Master's glorious cock to show its gratitude?"

"Perhaps later my little bitch. For now I have some gifts for you. I hope you like them." Master opened the bag and pulled out something black, smooth and shiny. As he held it up, I realized that it was a sexy patent leather fetish dress. "I'd like for you to try this on. You have my permission to stand."

I got off my reddened knees and obediently rose to my feet for my Master. It was one of the rare times he allowed me to actually stand upright in his presence. Despite the fact that I was standing at my full height, he nevertheless towered over my petite form, easily dominating the space between us as a commanding force over my existence. Master handed the dress to me and I carefully slid it over my body, feeling the polished pliant material against my smooth silky skin as I wriggled into the form fitting garment, pulling it over my hips until the bottom hem barely covered my firm ass.

"Turn around, let me see how it looks on you."

I slowly rotated myself in a circle, catching glimpses in the mirror of how I looked. The way the dress pushed up and accentuated my firm tits, how it hugged the curves of my ass and the way it pressed against my flat tummy. It was so tight on my body that it resembled a second skin. Although it was comfortable enough, it was also the first time since being with my Master that I had actually worn any kind of clothing. I was always kept naked and I was always on display. As a result, the apparel, as sexy and risqué as it was, felt foreign and unfamiliar on my little body.

My Master was very pleased with the item and reached back into the bag to reveal a pair of black leather platform stripper heels. "They're a size six which was the same as the shoes you came to me with, so I assumed these would fit you well."

He handed the shoes to me and placed them on the floor, sliding my small right foot into the first and buckling the straps before repeating the process with my left foot. Indeed it was a perfect fit. Having not worn shoes for so long, much less such towering high heels, I was wobbly and struggled not to topple over. "Why don't you take a walk around the room for a little while so you can get used to them," he stated.

I took small careful steps, one foot in front of the other placing my weight on the ball of each foot as I stepped forward. Other than maintaining my balance, the other reason for the tiny strides was the limitation of movement of my legs in the tight shiny dress that coated my willowy frame. After several laps around the room, my feet began to ache but my steps were also becoming more assured. Much like riding a bicycle, perhaps one never really forgets how to walk in heels, even if they are sky high. My Master watched as I first stumbled and then strode with a sexier demeanor, my high heels clacking on the cold cement floor as I traversed it and I noted how much he seemed to be enjoying the show that I was providing for his pleasure.

"You may return to me." As fast as my high heels would allow, I made my way back across the room to the man who owned my body, mind and soul. I stood before him; my head bowed and I felt his hands once again trace the shock collar that adorned my slim neck. "I want to take you out. Would you like that?"

"Yes Master, the Cunt would love to be allowed to go somewhere with you." The idea that for the first time in months I may actually see something other than this dank basement room had my tummy in a flutter. I tried not to show my excitement for fear that my Master might misinterpret it as disobedience and cancel the adventure.

He nodded as his fingers dug into the space between the collar and my tender skin and moved closer; his face a mere inch from my own. I could feel his warm breath on my skin as he spoke in a menacing tone. "I don't think I need to remind you of what will happen if you misbehave. You will be punished more severely and more harshly than anything you have ever experienced in your life, is that clear?"

As much of a deterrent as the prospect of my shock collar punishing me was, to be disobedient and disappoint my Master was an equally appalling thought. "Yes Master, the Cunt understands and will obey its Master completely. The Cunt wants to please its Master and earn its Master's praise."

"Good. Plus I need not remind you that legally I own you. I have a contract; everything has been filed with the courts. You are legally named 'the Cunt', you are my property and should you somehow get lost, the authorities are required to return you to me."

I nodded quickly, my legs quivering as I contemplated my Master's words. I wasn't sure why he felt the need to be so threatening to me or why he thought that taking me out might change my feelings about him. He was my Master. As he said, I was legally his property and at his feet was my natural place in the world.

Next, he reached back into the bag and pulled out a thin chain leash with a black leather handle. He deftly clipped it to the ring at the front of my collar and gave it a sharp tug. "Does my little bitch like her leash?"

"Yes Master, thank you for putting the Cunt on a leash Master. The Cunt will be a good animal for its owner."

He dug into the bag one final time, retrieving a thick blindfold. "Until we get to where we're going, you will have to rely on me to guide you."

I nodded as he pulled the blindfold over my hair until it fully covered my eyes. Everything went black, there were no spaces to peek out from and no light could enter. My world had become dark and I was completely dependent upon my Master as had been the case since the day he acquired me.

I felt him give the leash a yank and I took small mincing footsteps to keep up. "These are stairs, step up carefully," he said, holding my slender arm tightly as I raised one toned leg at a time, my heels making a loud clicking sound on the wood platforms until he said "last step up." I followed the taut leash over carpet, then tile and finally over what felt like a smooth cement floor. I heard the door of a car open and he ushered me into the seat. He guided my hands into my lap as he fastened my seat belt and the door shut. Not long after, another door to the car opened, the engine started up and I felt movement. We were on our way but to where, I had no idea.

Continued in Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 06

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